Tricia Jones - Beachbody Coach and NASM CPT

Friday, January 12, 2018

You can't always trust your FEELINGS....

Sometimes the right thing to do doesn't always feel good. 


Can you think of some examples? 

Outside of fitness and health, I can think of many.... Saying sorry when you don't want to. Letting that car in front of you go when you are in a rush. . . . 

What about FEELINGS in nutrition and exercise?Gosh, a lot of exercises don't feel good right? I know many love for "the burn"... but think of those exercises where you don't like the burn. Personally for me - I love a good glute and quad burn but I hate working my back. That is the burn I shy away doesn't feel good and I don't like it. 

Can you relate?

You may know not all good things feel good . . . but have you considered it and reflected on what that means for you? 

Because we all know the right thing to do, but it is not until we truly think about it, consider it and execute it  . . . that it matters. 

Don't you gravitate towards comfort? I do.

So in your workout,  when the 36th burpee is just exhausting and you have 4 more to do and your trainer yells "10 seconds!" you stop or do you try to push through and get them done? 


When it is 10 degrees outside and you decide to sleep-in a half hour more and skip your workout. . . it felt so nice to to stay in bed. But! How did it feel once you realized that was your 1 opportunity to get your workout done that day. Did you regret it?

In truth, thinking along these lines - the good decision feels better later - not in the moment. 

So, now what?
Practicing pushing a little harder, making small steps to make better choices gets easier with practice. 

It is like working your muscles. .Practice makes . . . not perfect, but better choices that then snowball and get results. 

So - my thoughts today or my #duh moment to ponder longer on is. . . where are you comfortable at? and what can you do to get out of that comfort zone? 

We grow when we are stretched. It doesn't always feel good but that is truly when we see the best results. 

Standing along side you in this I'll share how this is relevant to me. I was recently diagnosed with psoratic arthritis that has caused havoc on my own personal fitness goals and quite honestly, feels like a cruel curse. I am (mentally) comfortable running, squatting, lunging - I LOVE LOVE LOVE those exercises and the burn that comes with it. I use to be awesome at them my legs were solid and the results were just as awesome.  but, I can't do them anymore and it has taken about 1 year to get use to this idea. 1 year!!!

I was comfortable training that way and now I have to get out of my comfort zone and learn to love other exercises that will get me those same results. In order for me to reach my next fitness goals, I am required to get out of my training comfort zone and do new things consistently.

Hope you followed this little rant of mine and can process with me those moments when we need to choose better. choose correctly. Consider all this the next time you are asked to fight that good fight. :)

If you want  - I'd love to hear how you are going to break out of your comfort zone.  Comment below! 

Live Love Laugh Be Fit!
Tricia Jones