Tricia Jones - Beachbody Coach and NASM CPT

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Fever

I do not have a favorite season - I love each season equally for what they each have to offer. For instance, I love:
  • Smells (Baked cookies at Christmas, Christmas Trees, and fireplaces, Pumpkin & Cinnamon Spices in the Fall, Cut Grass and Flowers in the Spring and Suntan Lotion, Our pool and the Beach in the Summer)
  • Sounds (Children playing outside, Christmas Music, Music Festive, Fire Crackling, Birds Chirping, Thunder, Lawn Mowers, Football, Baseball, Ocean)
  • Celebrations (Christmas, my birthday, my husband's birthday, my kids' birthdays, all birthdays, Christmas again, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Weddings...I can go on and on)
What I love about Spring is the sense of renewal and new beginnings it gives me.  Flowers (my favorite) will be blooming and as things start to grow so will people's energy. The first few days of really nice weather, you'll see people driving with their windows down, music playing and people out and about - either exercising or doing yard work.  It always seem people's energy levels get a mega boost in the spring and I love LOVE LOVE  it!

Oh how great it would be to just motivate 1 person to get out and use Spring as their launch pad to get active and start living a healthier lifestyle. Is that 1 person you?  Perhaps you've been desiring to start exercising and have been thinking of all the ways you would do it. Or maybe your not sure where to start. I am here saying (screaming) JUST DO IT! Start today! Stop the Excuses! You don't need fancy gym equipment, just a pair of sneakers and your set!

Commit yourself by signing up for a race! yep! Try a 5K and aim for the race date to be about 3 months from today. You can vow to walk it or run it....whatever - just commit to finishing it. Get out there.  Google "Training for a 5K" and loads of information will come up to help you. If there is a will there is a way.

Side Story about motivation:
I ran for years, completing 2 marathons (very slowly) and about 10 10-mile races and numerous 5 & 10Ks. I wasn't fast, I never came close to placing (nor did I have the desire) - I always just completed what I started. I liked running, it kept me from gaining weight (though my diet wasn't great) and it was my mental ecape for many years.

It all started in 2001 when I went with my best girlfriend to sign her up for a 10-mile race. I thought she was insane for wanting to do it. 10 miles?! "I'll go and watch you run it" I told her. So the DAY BEFORE the race, I went with her to register and upon seeing a TON of really good looking guys and some convincing from my friend. I signed up! I totally got sucked in. What was I about to do to myself?! Looking back, I was a bit delusional and had came up with this daydream that I would meet my husband as I crossed the finish line - winning the entire race. (um, yea - that was FAR from what actually happened) but nonetheless, I committed to it and finished. In the end, my finish time was far from impressive, the next day I was crazy sore! I worked in the city at the time and had a hard time stepping up curbs on my 6-block walk into work; My big toe's nail turned black & blue and eventually fell off (Proper fitting running shoes are worth the $$) AND I did not meet my husband as I had fantasized. (It took another 5 years to find him) BUT! it did launch 10 years of running and educating myself about fitness. So I guess I am saying - find your motivation! Tell yourself whatever you have to,  to get your hiney out the door and your heart rate up!

By the way, I still workout  5x a week - During the week, I get up at 5 AM and do 30-45 minutes cardio and 20-30 minutes weight lifting - I am just taking a break from running for now.... My point in telling you this is that you have to start somewhere - light the fire! 

Sooooooo Com'on! Get the fever! Spring has sprung!!! Yipeeeeeeee!!!!