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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy 1 Year Anniversary of Eating Clean!

This month I am celebrating 1 year of clean eating!

I started out very slow - but it was a year ago that I started to embrace it and make very small changes to my diet. I was 8 months pregnant and was told I was gaining too much weight. I needed something to do that would be healthy (no pills or crazy exercise) and something I could sustain after our little girl arrived. When I read that clean eating and achieving a lean body was 80% eating and 20% exercise - this was music to my ears! I could work on my eating during pregnancy and after while I waited to be cleared to exercise.  So this was perfect for me! With "clean eating" I didn't need to buy anything, join a club - I could start the very minute I read about it .... and I did.

What is "Clean Eating" - its not a fad diet. Its a lifestyle. You eat Carbs! yes, complex carbs. You eat Fat! yep, I said it. FAAATTT! and you eat Protein. You Eat, Eat, Eat and eat more. In fact, I eat about every 3 hours from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. So that old mindset that I had that I shouldn't eat after 7pm (?!?!) was thrown out the window. I have a "meal" often at about 8:30pm every night.

My passion has grown and I am truly addicted! I am addicted because I have had great results and believe that not only have I lost most of my baby weight but I feel GREAT!!! I need as much energy as I can get to keep up with a 2 year old and a 10 month old and I truly believe that my food is my fuel. I am exhausted at days end but I can't imagine how I would feel if I was 40 pounds heavier and eating processed foods. I wouldn't be very happy. Neither would my husband and kids, lol!

So the following were/are huge motivators for me.... not personal motivators but rather people/resources I refer to for information, updated recipes, etc.
  • Kelsey Byers - is a fitness model that has inspired me from the very beginning. She is my virtual  BFF - as I follow her  blog, "friends" with her on FB and linked to her at She inspires me, as she too was transformed by clean eating. In fact, so transformed she is now a fitness model! amazing. Check her out:
  • Clean Eating Magazine - I eventually started my subscription but they have a great website with wonderful information and recipes. LOVE THEM!
  • Oxygen Magazine - When I was ready to start working out again I referred to this magazine for motivation. The girls in here have the bodies I want. LOL! So I am truly inspired by every female in here and the information is outstanding!
  • BodyBuilding.Com - this offers a ton of information on training. They have an App that is fabulous. I was new to weight lifting and the App walks you through each exercise.
  • Fitness Pal - this is where I log my food and exercise. This is a new one for me - as these final pounds I am starting to loose I am really digging deeper in my efforts. You'd be amazed - when you log your food, you are aware of how calories can add up. 
  • Fooducate - This is an App that is SO COOL! you can scan a product and it will rate it for you. I discovered my "healthy peanut" butter I was trying out (because it was cheaper than what I had been buying) is not healthy. LOVE THIS APP!
  • Hello Mornings! - This is a group of ladies that hold each other accountable in getting up early and starting their day with the word and encouraging morning exercise. This helped me and was another great reason for me to not hit snooze.
There are more but I need to go! LOL!  I hope this helps someone - I would love feedback. Or share any resources you use.

"Happy Day!" - XOXO

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