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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Non-Negotitables

Happy Income Tax Day! 

My husband and I are those type of people that as soon as all our paperwork comes in we are off to our tax guy to get our tax returns done. So when it comes to today and you hear of everyone trying to get it done - I have no worries.  This is just an area I don't typically procrastinate. 

However, I have and do procrastinate in other areas of my life. Ie: laundry. I probably should be folding right now instead of writing.... :) But 1 area of procrastination that has been reformed is working out. For months I kept telling my husband, 'I am going to work out early tomorrow'.  To the point that he would actually laugh when I said it. It was funny, I admit it.  But a few months ago, I just got fed up with myself and the mental whining I was doing. d r a i n i n g.

I get up now and have been consistent with it for about 4 months. I take it 1 day at a time and I can say the mental torture I had been putting myself through is far more draining than getting up at 5am. I am happy to say that I am getting to the point that I don't think about it - I just do it. That didn't come right away - and some mornings are harder than others, but I just write it off as punishment for not getting to bed on time the night before. Despite how hard it is to put my feet on the ground (some mornings) I know that I will feel so much better if I do it and so that moment of "just sleep 5 more minutes" doesn't last too long.

Why am I telling you this?  Working out has become a non-negotiable in my life. It is something that doesn't have room for options. It can only be this way - otherwise, It wouldn't get done.

What are your non-negoitables? Hopefully you don't have too many  - I am not sure that would be good. But I can tell you this one is a good one to have. trust me.

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