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Monday, May 6, 2013

Get InTune!

It is amazing to me how much more in-tune I have become with my body over the past months. For instance, this morning I had a pretty hard workout. I don't mean I was able to push myself hard - I was struggling to get my heart rate up and keep it up. I hate when this happens but it has happened before and I have started to learn what it means and have found ways to embrace and fix it. 

God knows that if I am getting up at 5am - my workouts need to count.  Here is a list of things I have found were the culprit in the past for me

  • Not breathing efficiently. I sometimes hold my breath (its a weird habit) and this slows my heart rate. 
  • Not enough sleep. I have found I require 7-8 hours of sleep, preferably 8. Importance of Sleep Article
  • Over trained - muscle fatigue. I can normally feel this all over and recognize my body needs a complete day of rest from cardio and weights. 
  • Not eating enough - I can't believe this is even an option for me, as I love food. But its true! With working out and two little ones, there are days I can forget to eat or I had an awesome workout and require another smaller meal to make up some calories. Remember Food is your Fuel! (A good reason to track your calories)

I learned this all the hard way. . . I encourage the use of a heart rate monitor or check your heart rate regularly. 

"Happy Day!"

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