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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Motivation Plugged In

I was reading about motivation recently and realized this is something, like working out, I will forever be working at. How do you get motivated and sustain it?

For me, just getting Fed Up with myself was enough to get out of bed in the AM and to start eating better. I firmly believe you just have to be ready to make the change. If I didn't want this lifestlye bad enough, I think I would have quit months ago. However, with that said - I do need to motivate myself on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis (you get the idea).

In the hours and/or days where I haven't wanted to workout and wanted to pig out on Twizzlers and  have chosen differently, I found it really helpful to evaluate what triggered me to choose the workout or the healthy food. I have done this for months and now know my triggers and can more easily tap into them when I need to. In this self-discovery, I found these triggers or motivators can be broken down into multiple levels. I am a very outlined person - so I've laid it out below. I will say this outline pertains to working out, my clean eating motivators are slightly different but parallel this list. (I'll blog on this list later)

Big Picture Motivation
This is the big WHY I want to do all this. But typically not the Big Push I turn to in the moment of choosing between hitting snooze or getting out of bed. 

My Big Picture Motivators are:
- To have this be a lifestyle and end all to diets and fad workouts.
- To be healthy for my family and be of a positive influence to them and others.
- To be successful at coaching others via BeachBody.
- To fit into that bikini / or any new goal I set for myself.
- To be able to keep up with my kids and play with them.

Big Push (out of bed) Motivation
This is the "Big Push" motivation that does gets me out of bed thinking "alright! alright! I am going!"  or allows me to not make an excuse as to why I should not workout (ie: "I really should vacuum or dust now." - really?!)

- Prayer! I ask God to help me do this.
- My BEFORE picture. (more on this later)
- I remind myself of how cranky I will be if I don't do it.
- I remember the sense of release I will have once I am finished.
- I remind myself what I planned for my workout. Did I download new music or a new podcast? Is there a new Beachbody workout I am excited for?

In the Moment Motivation
This is what I tell myself when I am on the Elliptical, Running, or doing a Beachbody workout to make sure I get the most out of my workout & time.

- Make it count! Don't waste this time.
- How many days (AKA Workouts) do I have to reach my goal?
- My Before picture - and what I want to change.
- Anything that frustrates me. (pound it out!)
- How much Dan (my husband) will like to see me in that bikini. ;)
- Look at my previous log of workouts I have hanging up / Read my motivation board
- Simply listen to a good beat or podcast

Recovery Motivation
Once I have completed a workout I . . .
- Evaluate my efforts. Was it a good workout or could I have pushed harder? Why?
- Log my workout and plan my next workout. (This gives me a sense of accomplishment)
- Remember my Before picture and recognize how far I have come.

Maybe this is obvious to some but it has really helped me to work through all this and know my exact points of motivation. Yours will probably be different. All I can say is Do This For Yourself and plug in to what feeds your motivation. Write it down, Make it visible and stop making excuses!

I hope this is helpful.

"Happy Day!"

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