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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

YOU eat THAT?!?!

I recently was encountered with a "Yooouuu eat that?!" or "You let them (my kids) eat that?!" 

Yes, I do.  

I have not been doing this clean eating that long (1 year) - so I consider myself a rookie in all this AND I am human. lol!

To eat clean is a commitment and lifestyle. It is a habit I am literally forming 1 day at a time and have the goal to do this forever with my family. With that said - I am going to have moments where a "non clean" food product reaches my lips or my kids' lips. I still love my frozen yogurt and will eat stuff like pizza, frozen yogurt and Oreos in moderation and when the moment is right. Keyword - Moderation. I allow myself a "cheat meal" (hate calling it that but whatever) every now and then. This "cheat meal" is a food of my choice in the correct portion. So I'll indulge in a slice of pizza or a cup of my favorite frozen yogurt from my favorite frozen yogurt shop.

They key to cheating is plan it! For instance, I know that this Saturday I am going out with my girlfriends so I am being really good this week. I will make the most of my workouts, maybe fit in some  extra cardio all so that I can enjoy a meal and perhaps a drink. I just plan ahead.  This is something I have always done - and has always worked well for me. 

With regards to my kids, I am creating the foundation for their eating styles. Sure they may waiver as they grow but I believe they will come back to how they were raised. So we eat veggies and fruits and I introduce them to all kinds of foods. So far, so good - my son loves Kale shakes. I have been really strict with them regarding junk food - just recently I have lightened up with my son allowing a treat after dinner and cake and some candy at special events. My daughter recently had a half of an oreo (not the icing side) because we were out of her baby arrowroot cookies. She loved every bite. But we stay firm with her and I'll ease up as she gets older.

So I share all this as I am not perfect and I don't ever expect to be. Just because you chose to eat healthy doesn't mean you don't treat yourself or your kids. You don't have to be perfect with clean eating,  working out or anything for that matter. Give it a good honest effort and you'll see the benefits! and if someone calls you out and says "You eat that?!?!" - Smile and say "Yep!!" :)  Let them wonder. 

You Crave What You Eat & Food is your Fuel! Keep up the good work!!

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