Tricia Jones - Beachbody Coach and NASM CPT

Friday, June 14, 2013

"but why?!"

I am a goal-oriented person, I like to have that "something exciting" that I am working towards and have little goals along the way to keep me motivated. 

I found writing my goals down and putting them where I see them everyday is impactful. I made this Goal Fitness page over a year ago when I started clean eating. I was toward the end of my pregnancy with Natalie and (sadly) feeling unhealthy  :( My doctor told me I was gaining too much weight....and it was true, I had been lazy.

My Goal Sheet
So I put on this page a list of things I wanted to accomplish by June 2014. I kept it somewhere private (hung in our closet) and looked at it most days while getting dressed. Some of my goals have changed and need tweaking (which is OK!), some of the goals I met and others I am still working towards.

I will say, I remember being a little uncomfortable with some of the goals I set. Some of them seemed a little impossible but they were things in my heart that I wanted to accomplish and so on the list they went. 

One goal that has changed was to work hard at building up my stationary business. . . I still make stationary but no longer desire to build it up and do full-time.  It is a great hobby and something I very much enjoy (I love cards!) but for now I love just making them for my family (when time permits). Your goals can change and that is perfectly OK.

Another goal on here is to get certified again to teach Pilates and/or Cardio. This goal, is still very much alive. I just want to take a different route this time and so this is a bigger goal I am working towards.    Finally, there are a number of goals that I have a achieved and very excited about them. :) 

My point in sharing all this:
You have to have a "WHY". What would achieving your goal mean to you? WHY are you setting this goal? Just don't say "I wanna loose 20 pounds" - know what it would mean to you when you achieved it.  I knew being fit would mean having more energy for my kids, feeling good about myself and having greater confidence (which my husband loves) and also being able to fit into clothes better.

I am currently talking about a goal and my "WHY" in another area of my life (not fitness/health) with a group of girlfriends and it is motivating. Know WHY you are doing something that is personal to you and give it the power it deserves. Write it down, dress it up and look at it every day and most important, take action!! I decorated this sheet with inspiring quotes, images and then laminated it. I enjoy making a goal sheet, as I am a dreamer and believe in Dreaming Big!! I plan to revise my sheet ASAP.

Someone recently told me that God doesn't give you a dream for nothing... I think a lot of us talk ourselves out of our dreams and goals. If you have that passion and dream about doing something - then why not go for it?  My dream to motivate others in fitness and health goes back to 2000 on a dream sheet I created just before college graduation and I am going for it.

Here are a few sites that help with how to set goals.
Lastly, this is the quote I put at the bottom of my goal sheet shown above: 

"Every decision you make takes you in a different direction . . . closer or further away from your goals. Life is a journey, the choice is yours."

"Happy Day!"

Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Steps to Clean Eating

It amazes me how more expensive healthy food is compared to over-processed/GMO packed foods are. 

Recently, I have been researching healthier pancake options. We have pancakes on the weekends and sometimes during the week. I LOVE Bisquick brand pancakes. Especially the Supreme Pancake recipe on the back of the box; I could eat spoonfuls of the batter.  While once and awhile this would be a nice treat, I realize that it is not the healthiest option I could be providing my family and am seeking a change.

So at Shoprite (local grocer), Bisquick is is $3.99 for a 40oz box.  I use Fooducate App to quickly research how healthy a product is.  Bisquick is rated a C- so I looked into one of their recommended alternatives (an awesome feature of Fooducate) and many of them were double the price and for a smaller amount. Crazy! 

I am stubborn. I am not paying that. So I have begun to look into recipes I can easily make at home (which I sort of knew I would end up doing) that would be whole wheat and packed with more nutrition. 

Baby steps are key
When I saw the picture above,  it reminded me how my progress in eating clean has been comprised of baby steps. I am constantly reassessing what "healthy" is and incorporating new things. I have been at this over a year and I am still making changes to what I and my family eat (notice I did not use the word "diet"). I am always  researching, trying new recipes and discovering healthier alternatives to products I thought were already healthy. 

Incorporating small changes each week has given me and my family great success.
I believe that "Abs are made in the kitchen", "clean eating is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise" and I believe "you crave what you eat".  I roll my eyes at junk food. :)

...I will share that healthy pancake recipe soon.

"Happy Day!"

xo, Trish