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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Refined Sugar is Poison

Eating refined sugar is addictive, makes you fat, tired, depressed, age faster, makes your skin dull, weakens immunity and when consumed in excess causes all sorts of diseases. This is a fact not a myth. . . or a fad. 

While I try to reduce my intake of sugar, I will never proclaim to completely eliminate sugar from the foods I eat. . . trying to eliminate every type of “sugar” from our diet is crazy. I would bet that any person trying to do this will fail in the long run. So choose a lifestyle change over something dramatic...

What I have learned about sugar is to aim to obtain natural sugars that our bodies can easily digest. Consume sugars that provide nutrients, minerals and vitamins that our body will use.  One of the keys to ultimate balance in life is avoiding man-made sugars made from cane, beet and corn but still enjoying naturally occurring sugar in moderation.

The problem with eating refined sugar from cane, corn or beets vs. other sources of  sugar, is that refined sugar is acid forming in the body because it has been chemically stripped of its minerals. The natural minerals in whole food are important for our bodies ability to process nutrients in food and to ultimately keep our bodies alkaline. ***A body in an alkaline state is primed to avoid disease and a myriad of other ailments.

So what do you buy instead of traditional white sugar? Personally, I have started to incorporate Organic Coconut Palm Sugar (I buy from Trader Joes) and use in our recipes instead of white sugar. so far, the taste of traditional recipes remains just as good - and no one can taste a difference.  There are also a few other options you can choose from...

I highly recommend you google "the effect of Refined Sugar". My mom's neurologist (she/we suffer from Dementia/Alzheimer's) is a very respected top doctor in his field. He and I discussed how often he stresses the importance of a low glycemic diet for his patients. The benefits in making small changes to reduce the amount of refined sugars is very beneficial to his patients and can result in more improvements than medicine alone! He said studies are coming out on how bad gluten and refined sugars negatively impact us! This is from a top doctor with pages and pages of awards and recognitions hanging in his office.   This is not a fad. This is serious stuff that as a parent - I in good conscious can not ignore or pretend is not an issue.

Yes - we have things in our house that have refined sugar in them. This is a huge task to work on but baby steps add up and over 2 years we are making headway.  I really want to inspire you to look into this (don't take my word for it) . . . refined sugar is bad bad bad bad bad and is in so much of what we eat. IF its in so much of what we eat - it quickly adds up and is a problem. Do. Not. Ignore. This. You and your kids are eating poison....look into this.

If you need help with a clean eating diet - Beachbody just launched a 21-day fix program that will help you in this area. Its clean eating made simple and I have written about it here.

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