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Monday, June 16, 2014

What Does Being Fit Mean To Me . . . .

To me - "Being Fit" does not mean a perfect body. I consider myself fit but I am not cellulite-free, I have a little extra "meat" on my arms and thighs than I would like. By no means would I say I have a perfect body.

What "FIT" does means to me is that - I enjoy working out and have the increased stamina to constantly challenge myself.  I understand the importance of getting my heart rate up and also lifting weights to strengthen muscles. Being Fit also includes nutrition for me.  I enjoy eating clean because it makes me feel healthier. The more I learn about our "foods" these days the stronger this passion for clean eating grows within me.  I would even venture to say that part of being fit is educating ourselves and not just going on our own understanding. I like to dig deeper and research what certain "doctors" on TV claim with regards to fads and weight loss. Often I think they are just adding to the hype of fad diets for rating purposes when all we really need to do is more simple than we realize. Because of this, I don't always listen to the first viewpoint I hear on a matter and like to look more into the topic to come up with my own understanding.

Another part of being fit is figuring what works for our bodies and educating ourselves on what our individual needs are. I do not believe that what works for me will work for others. I believe there are general guidelines we can all follow but down to specifics with regards to certain foods and timing of when you eat, depends on the individual. Sometimes this can only be done via trial and error to see what works for you and how you feel on certain foods/exercises. This trial and error often brings frustration. I know for myself, when I became fed up with how I Felt in my own skin I wanted a FAST resolution. . . but quickly I learned that I needed a lifestyle change and a quick fix would only bring me back to the "fed up" point.

Because I take care of myself, my confidence has grown back to feeling comfortable in my own skin. For instance, I have always worn clothes that I felt flattered my figure and made me feel good.  In the summer, I wear a respectable bikini (no thong or strings).  I haven't owned a 1-piece or even a tankini since I was a very little girl. It is just not my style.  I also like to wear tighter fitting jeans because I don't like baggy jeans.  I wear sleeveless tops because I like the style. I wear shorter shorts or skirts with my bathing suits as easy cover ups. I also like a deep v-neck top because I like my collar bone and like to accent it. These are all clothes styles that I have chosen that I feel good in and am confident wearing when I am fit. (a bonus to taking care of my body)

With being fit there are so many positives - you find the one that motivates you and run with it because you need that motivation. So if your goal is to get into a tank top and love the way your arms look - go for it!  Being Fit - opens doors to greater confidence, energy, health status, smiles, laughter. It is the fountain of youth when you are fit! So go for it!

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Go gettem - Get FIT and stay fit! It will open doors!