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Friday, March 20, 2015

IBS....bloated belly blog

I jokingly sing to my husband "we are having a baby and the feeling can't be beat....

I am not pregnant. The picture below is comparable to how I looked at 4 months pregnant with our 1st. Looks aside, It's uncomfortable. I don't like to drink water when I am like this, I get really fatigued and foggy. Waking up for my morning workouts can be challenging, I feel uncomfortable in clothes, my mood is effected and the list goes on... 

My family doctor & gastroenterologist  diagnosed me with IBS back in 2008. Colonoscopy, various test all lead to this diagnosis and I dismissed it.  Honestly, I didn't respect the diagnosis. Both doctors seemed to say the same thing;  "Keep a food journal, eliminate the foods that trigger symptoms, take probiotics, continue to exercise, (pat on the back)....feel better." Sigh

I tried that but not long after the diagnosis we started to have kids and so feeling tired and pregnant was more valid (at least in my mind). However, after having kids and not having a good reason for feeling bloated, tired, etc. I went back to my doctor with the same old complaints.  I felt my symptoms were more severe and really feared a serious issue. But I had forgotten all about the 2008 diagnosis until my doctor looked back at my records after negative test results ..."well, you do have IBS" grrrrr

I have found it hard to be consistent with what I am suppose to do. Journaling foods, consistently eliminating foods that tick my belly off, taking probiotics....

I thought I'd write about this part of my journey because I rarely talk about it. I never took it seriously....and I realize how foolish that has been. To eat clean and eliminate foods is restricting and very challenging. . . It's part of my life and so after this past episode I am recommitting myself to tracking foods, being consistent and taking my food restrictions more seriously. No food is worth feeling this way. 

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